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Who I am?

I'm a cameraman and a director who runs his little team about three people. 

I will ensure not only the complete production of your project, whether it is a wedding or an advertisement, but I will also ensure that you get the top quality result in the shortest possible time.

Richard Hrivnak

Ads and campaigns.

Attract the interest of hundreds of thousands of people is difficult. The more difficult it is to have an advertising demonstrable profit and campaign results. Both of them are doing well.

Good communication is essential. 

If you are interested in working on a commercial project

or advertising, so please contact me. 


As well as dozens of satisfied customers before you.

My motto is: Cameraman for unforgettable moments 

Svatební filmy jinak.

Nowadays it's a great trend to make short wedding clips for 5 minutes. And that's mostly what you get from "cameramen". From me you get 3 wedding movies - one short clip, but also two long wedding movies that do not capture just a couple, but also all grandmothers, speeches guests and parents, as well as all the fun and especially good luck, which is so beautiful weddings. So, whether you have a big wedding or a small cheer, the result will always look great and your video will capture everything important.

Sample wedding film with a short ceremony

Sample wedding film with a full ceremony

Sample wedding film with a short ceremony

Ukázka svatebního klipu s krátkým obřadem

Price list


4K resolution

Gift Flashdisk FREE 

Travel costs throughout Europe FREE

Wedding Clip

Two lengths of wedding film 

In the evening, I can make a wedding clip, which can be immediately projected.


One price - 795 €

Filming time of about 2 hours, short shooting of preparations and ceremony.

Wedding with big W

One price - 795 €

Suitable for classic weddings. I will be with you 8 hours and I will end after the first dance.

All day and into the night +

One price - 795 €

Suitable for big weddings.

Budu s Vámi 12 hodin a ihned dostanete svatební klip.

Contact me

Contact me for specific prices and up-to-date information.

I will look forward to your message. 

Wedding cameraman

Richard Hřivňák / ID: 05776325

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